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  • Tomeca Kellogg-Walters

How using a virtual outsourcing firm can cut administrative costs for your law firm

Whether you are a big law firm or a boutique firm, there are always expenses that add up. Recruiting costs, office supply costs, and administrative costs are some of the few common things that add to a law firm’s expenses. Other costs are calculated by the fact that some “in-house” projects can be tedious and time-consuming, taking up your day's valuable time while simultaneously stalling and keeping other clients waiting. The other clients get impatient, and ultimately your bottom line suffers.

However, by outsourcing a virtual firm to assist you, your company can significantly cut its costs. A virtual outsourcing firm can help free up your time for bigger, higher-level projects, by working on smaller tasks. A virtual firm can also get work done for you during non-peak hours. While you sleep at night, your virtual assistant is hard at work for you. Just imagine coming into the office to find that your work emails have already been sorted out, your appointments are already made, and your research project is already completed.

Also, keep in mind that “in-house” hiring and firing decisions can be difficult and company morale can become a problem when much, if not all work is done within the confines of your firm’s office. With a virtual assistant, you are left stress-free, without the need to make tough decisions that might affect any potential in-house employee. Also, don’t forget the costs that are associated with paying your in-house staff with overtime billable hours. That is a huge expense! With the virtual outsourcing model, you aren’t paying for overtime billables. Virtual Outsourcing is the current trend and law firms that use this business model have been proven winners.

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