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We provide a range of operations support services that boost revenue, cut operating costs, and increase efficiency.


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Words From Our Clients

Our clients have seen a sustained gross revenue of over $550,000 per year, an increase in lead generation by 40%, a 25% reduction in operating costs, and a 90% new hire retention rate.

“I am very pleased to recommend Kellogg Virtual Solutions for your firm. I have worked with Ms. Kellogg in person and remotely as an office manager and senior paralegal. I am a sole-practitioner, family law attorney, with a decentralized office structure utilizing primarily 1099 support staff. Ms. Kellogg has been a great asset to my practice. She has a solid grasp of the business of running a law office. I completely trust her to work with our most difficult clients and to organize our office functions, from billing and accounting, file organization and management, to effective use of staff and technology. I have found her organizational skills particularly helpful in keeping me on task.”

Scott S. - WA

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We're Kellogg Virtual Business Solutions

Leading Operations Consulting Firm

At Kellogg Virtual Business Solutions, we specialize in operations consulting for businesses of all sizes. Since 2010, we have been helping companies in Georgia and beyond assess and improve their operations to better compete within their industries. Our team of experts works closely with your business to create a customized plan that addresses your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Together, we will help you keep your business competitive, successful, and growth-oriented.

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